Portable storage containers have come a long way. From moving trucks and trailers, portable storage has been growing in popularity as the preferred alternative for temporary storage or moving.

Choosing the right portable storage will save you time and money. Not all storage systems are the same. What’s beneficial for others may be unnecessary for you.

Before deciding which storage unit to rent, determine your needs. Will you need one for temporary safekeeping, long-term storage or moving? Are you emptying a room, a whole house or just want to have a short-lived depot for your accumulated but still valuable clutter?

Here are important things to consider before making the final decision of choosing the right portable storage system.

Container size matters

Before picking out the container you need, do an inventory of the things you want to store. Many storage companies offer different sizes.

If you’re planning on storing a handful of boxes, a 12-foot unit might hold your things fine. But if you’re moving to an apartment or a standard family home, you may need a 16-foot or 20-foot container.

Quality is equally important

No matter the size of your storage, quality should never be sacrificed. Some units are made of plastic, wood or metal, or a combination of any or all of these materials.

Aluminum and steel containers offer the best endurance if you consider the weight of your cargo. For your delicate possessions, look for units that are weather-resistant to sudden changes in weather or temperature especially during relocation.

Watch out for warning signs, such as rust, unsafe locking mechanism and problematic doors.

Check the locking system

A safe portable container typically comes with a solid padlock and secure door system. Metal padlocks offer you the security of holding the only key to the container so your items are not lost to thieves or vandalizers.

Steel storage containers are equipped with security doors. They may either be cargo or roll-up door types. Cargo doors provide the best air-tight protection, such that water, rodents and other crawling animals can’t get through. Roll-up doors are less tight but they are lightweight, making them easy to manage and maintain.

Consider the type of move you’re planning

You may be planning to relocate across town or some other state, either temporarily or permanently. Or you may be moving a whole apartment or house to some nearby or faraway city.

For long distance moves, you’ll need more durable units that can withstand the long haul. You’ll also make different arrangements with your moving company if you’re relocating an apartment, house or office, or just sending some stuff somewhere.

Read and understand the fine prints

Renting portable storage units requires signing a contract with your container provider. The contract normally contains the type, size, distance, inclusive delivery and related services, rental duration, warranty, insurance and price, among others.

Fine prints in contracts are sometimes tricky. Carefully go through them, ask all the questions you need to and get answers that will satisfy you. Otherwise, you have only yourself to blame if things go wrong along the way or you’re slapped with hidden charges because you failed to get clarity.

Choosing the right storage system is not easy. Your best protection is to find a trusted provider that will meet your requirements.

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