Portable containers are fast becoming a popular option for storage. They are a convenient, safe and affordable way of keeping things for homeowners who go on a new assignment or are moving residence.

Below are the big 4 uses of portable storage for homeowners:


Moving your personal belongings can be time-consuming and pricey if you don’t plan it properly. Portable containers can make your move convenient with a flexible schedule and modest budget.

Forget about hiring an army of packers, loaders and movers. They’re expensive. Simply call your chosen portable storage company and have them deliver your container to your residence.

Take your time packing so you don’t forget important items. Safely wrap and box your delicate items. Make arrangements with the company for the delivery schedule so you’ll be on time when the cargo arrives at your new home.

Temporary Storage

So you just bought a second car. Your garage does have space for two cars but chunks of clutter are taking much of the space. While waiting to expand your garage, consider renting a portable container. You can store your car tools, carpentry equipment and seasonal machinery in there.

During a milestone event in your family, you’ll need a big space for the party. Why not rent a portable storage unit for the things that will come in the way? After the celebration, you can return the unit and pay only for the time you used it.

You can also have the container installed in your yard for easy access. Just make sure that it has a solid locking mechanism so your possessions are not stolen or vandalized.

Long-Term Storage

Storage container units can also be rented for long-term needs. If you’re assigned an out-town job, or, if you’re in the military and need to be deployed, you can trust your storage container.

Portable containers are also a perfect storage option for college students when they leave their dorms between semesters. They can pack their things neatly in the container to be transported to their parents’ place. They can later request the storage company to bring it back to school when classes start.

If you’re planning to sell your home, you’ll need to stage your home. Your real estate agent will want to attract the best purchase offer.This may take time. You’ll need to clear your house of unnecessary furniture and decors so your rooms will look more presentable. You’ll need portable containers.

Home Renovation

It’s time to remodel your house and you want to do it right. You’ll need storage for your furniture, furnishings and accessories. If you’re remodelling a room, one container may be just fine. But if you’re remodelling your whole house, you may need more.

Bulky items, such as beds, sofas and cabinets, go into the back of the container. Keep things that you need everyday at the front of the container for easier access. You can ask your storage company to set up the container in your backyard or in a safe off-site location. If you have more than one container and you choose the off-site option, leave the unit that contains the items for your daily need.

There are many other uses of portable containers for storage. But if you’re looking for a place to keep your possessions safely whatever the time of year, storage systems are your best storage companion.

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