College students look forward to summer as a time to be free from school work. It’s also time for moving out of their dorms or apartments. But with final exams looming and research papers nearing deadlines, preparing for vacation can be complicated if you don’t plan ahead.

Ways of Storing and/or Moving Your Dorm Belongings

You’re eager to go home for that long awaited school break. But wait. What do you do with the stuff you’re leaving behind? Where would you want to store them safely?

We’ve compiled the three common storage options for you. Study and compare them so you can make the best choice depending on your needs.

School-arranged Storage

If you live on campus, check if your college has arrangements with storage companies around the school. This may be the easiest storage option if you reserve a spot early enough. Otherwise, prices can go up as storage facilities can reach capacity, or you may be left with nothing if the spots have all been taken.

You’ll then need to pack your things in boxes that will be picked up by the company’s movers. Storage fee is typically charged per month and by size. The services normally don’t include shipping, so be sure to make arrangements if you plan to move your belongings to a new location.


Self-storage is an ideal temporary storage for students who live off-campus. It’s also a decent option if you have big items like furniture, bikes and workout equipment.

As in school-arranged storage, you’ll pack your items in boxes. Fees are usually charged per box and may range from $12 to $40 per box. The cost can pile up as the number of boxes increases.

Moreover, keep in mind that you’ll need to hire a vehicle big enough to haul your things to the storage site and back to campus when school resumes. This means added cost to your storage needs.

Portable Storage Containers

We recommend portable storage as the best option, whether you’re graduating or still an undergraduate. It saves you the hassle of renting a truck because the storage company will drop off a container at your dorm, apartment or house you’re renting.

Pack your things and load them yourself so you’ll know where each thing is in case you want to access any. When you’re ready, the storage company will pick up the container and bring it to a safe storage center. Or, if you’re graduating, you may have it transported straight to your home or another location even if it’s in another city or across the state.

With portable storage, you also save your parents the inconvenience of stuffing your home with excess furniture during the summer and adding to the clutter for months.

Among all the storage choices for college students, we endorse portable storage as the best option. It’s not only a convenient way of keeping your dorm and school stuff but a safe and secure place to store them.

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