Portable storage containers were initially designed for moving. Today, they provide homeowners a number of other benefits, including long term storage.

As your family grows, the need for additional space for your belongings also grows. Maybe, your once little baby has outgrown his crib and toys that need to go. Excess furniture, gardening tools and seasonal decor and equipment also need a safe place until they can be used again. The solution? Portable storage containers.

Packing for long term storage can have its challenges. Below. we’re sharing some tips on how your portable container can fulfill your long term storage needs.

Be ready with your supplies

Ensure you’re prepared to pack by stocking up on supplies, such as the following:

  • Boxes – You may need a variety of sizes. Use small boxes for heavy items so they can be moved easily. Bulky but light items can go into bigger boxes while fragile items, such as china, can be stored in medium boxes.
  • Cushioning – Cushioning materials include foam wraps, bubble wraps, moving blankets, pads and used newspapers.
  • Packing tape – It’s worth spending a few dollars more on quality tape and tape dispensers. Buy a few extra rolls because you’ll be needing more tape than you expected.
  • Rope or straps – Get rope or straps thick enough to prevent your items from shifting around the container, especially when you’re moving.
  • Labeling materials – Whether you’re using marking pens or color coded moving stickers, be sure to label the boxes on multiple sides for easier identification.
  • Moving blankets and pads to protect furniture and other delicate belongings from scratches and dents.
  • Rented dolly for moving items and boxes in and out of the container

Pack your boxes systematically

You can’t simply throw unsorted items in one box. You can sort your things as to type, weight, bulkiness or fragility. You may also consider putting together things that belong to one room for smoother unpacking.

Remember to label and number your boxes for easier accounting. If you’re storing fabrics and other items that take in odors, try leaving an open box of smell repellent, such as baking soda. You may also include desiccant agents, such as silica gel packets, to absorb moisture.

Never store chemicals, aerosol cans and other flammables as these can release toxic vapors or combust during surges in temperatures. You should also avoid packing food items and plants because they attract insects and other pests.

Load your container in an orderly manner

Whether you’re considering locating your container on-site or off-site, load items that are seldom used at the back. Things that you need often should stay near the front of the container. Leave a path so you can reach objects at the back without unpacking.

If you’re moving, make sure to distribute the weight evenly from front to back and side to side. For instance, place heavy items like furniture and appliances throughout the container. Fill in empty spaces with small boxes or moving blankets, pads and foam.

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