Portable storage containers are important when moving, especially when you’re taking along huge cargo like your large furniture and appliances. But choosing the right moving container can be complicated if you don’t plan ahead.

What to look for in a portable container

Remember you’re bringing with you large and weighty items. They’ll need not just extra space but solid space. 

Container units that can carry heavy, bulky items vary in structure, construction and materials. Most moving containers are built of:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Steel and aluminum
  • Construction-grade wood
  • Plastic

Choose one that’s durable enough to resist weather and damage. It should be at least made of metal and construction-grade wood that can support the weight of your big belongings. Look for one with a metal exterior, metal roof and steel frame to ensure a great moving experience.

For the walls, it doesn’t really matter whether they’re corrugated or not. What’s important is that they should be made of aluminum or similar metals. Plywood is an excellent material for the floor for easier sliding of the items.

Security is a priority in storage systems. Containers have either roll-up or swing doors. In any case, check if the hinges and locks are working properly to prevent theft. Additionally, an unstable door might open during transport that may result in significant damage to your belongings.

What can a 16-foot container carry?

Moving containers come in different sizes and dimensions. But there’s one option that may be just fine for your huge belongings — a 16-foot portable storage unit. It’s not too big or too small, making moving more convenient.

If you’re moving a 2-3 bedroom apartment or house worth of belongings, your best bet is a 16-foot container. It usually comes with an 8-foot width and 8-foot height. It has a weight limit of up to 6,000 pounds. 

You can easily fit refrigerators, washing machines, beds, tables, tall detached cabinets and other bulky appliances and furniture into it. Organize your packing and loading to maximize space. Here are some basic tips: 

  • Stock up on moving blankets, straps, bubble wraps, tapes and other packing materials you may need 
  • Clean your appliances before wrapping them in moving blankets. Same thing with your furniture
  • Load them to the container using a furniture/appliance dolly
  • Strap them firmly in an upright position to avoid tipping

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